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Perlonline has been developing and designing custom solutions for our client since 1997. Our team comes with over a decade's experience in real time systems. No project is too small or too big for us. We can program or install anything for you in Perl/Mod Perl/Fast CGI, PHP, Apache, Linux, Mysql and Oracle. We also undertake the development and maintenance of complete website's.

Our usual terms

  • Rate negotiated depending complexity and time involved.
  • Payment Terms, 50 % on placement of order and balance on delivery of script.
  • Script will be installed for you on your own server.


Our hourly rates are in line with continental U.S. industry standards and range from $35.00/Hr USD to $70.00/Hr USD from basic development (coding) to comples re-engineering.

Payment Options

Credit Card,Pay Pal,Cheque,Money Transfer. Some options may not be available depending on the amount involved. Please do mention your preferred method of payment when you contact us.

Contacting Us

Things to cover in your email.

  • A complete and detailed a description of what you require. If you are searching for a script based on what you have seen on some other site, please mention those sites.
  • The preferred language you want the script in.
  • The date by which the script is needed.
  • If you are contacting us to modify a script developed by someone else, please make sure that no copyright is being infringed.
  • Preferred method of payment.

Click here to contact us.

On receipt of your email, we will email back a (no obligation) quote for your approval. Occasionally we would require to conduct some tests on your server before we can give you a quote. We will contact you via email if that's needed.



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