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Offer a printer friendly page to your visitors. When your visitor clicks on the printer icon, they will be presented with a page with no navigation links, images or other items that the user does not require to print.


  1. Instantly create Printer Friendly pages
  2. No Complex scripting to be setup, just add a link to the script on the page and it becomes printer friendly.
  3. Add your own header, footer and copyright messages to the page.
  4. Option to remove or keep pictures.
  5. Works also on protected pages (members only area)

System Requirements.

Script : Perl 5 or better. (Requires External Modules LWP)
Server : Apache running on Unix, preferred. Will work on ALL other server supporting perl.

Read through the Installation Instructions to see how easy its to install.

Demo of Script

To See a Demo Click on . (Sample Image Link)

You can also have Text Links like Print This (Sample Text Link)

User Comments  

Webmaster of ( says :-
- This program makes a world of difference to our websites credibility as "printer friendly" With over 50 pages, I could not afford to produce duplicates pages just for printing. Each page is easily prepared with only 2 commands required. It is the ideal program for Unix servers, with a high standard of support and backup. A must for every website!

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