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Advance Backup

If you are a webmaster, you already know how valuable data backups are. The only reliable way to keep your business safe from, viruses, hackers, crackers, hardware failures, incompetent server technicians is to have regular backup of your all your data. Many a business have shut down because valuable data was of a lost.


  1. Easy to use web interface, Can backup entire sites or just a selected path with just a click.
  2. Backup your mysql database into a easy to use mysql dump.
  3. Save the backup on the server or download the backup via your browser.
  4. Backups are highly compressed using gzip to result in very small size.

System Requirements.

Script : Perl 5.6 or better.
Unix Utilizes : Access to tar,gzip and mysqldump needed to create backups.
Disk Space : Disk space sufficient to store at least 3 compressed backups recommended.


Version Updates

  • 2.00
    Added Mysql Database Backup support

Demo of Script

Click here to view a demo of the script, the password is pass.

Note : The demo script will only take a backup only of our demo path. The full script lets your choose the path.

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Cost - US$
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Advance Backup

All VISA, MASTER, AMEX and other International Credit Cards accepted.

  • For any Pre-Sales Questions, pls Contact Us
  • The Paypal payment is being made to "Plussoftware Solutions" our parent company.







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